I’m busy enough. I don’t need Social Media! 3 reasons your competitors are on social now

#1 They have an exit strategy . They want to build brand awareness and add value to the company. When you’re ready to sell you want to be at the top of your game, you want to be known as the expert in your industry. They want to know they are not just buying your business accounts, they need to know you have a reputation online and are trustworthy.

#2 As the old adage goes – you need to market in the good times not just the bad. If you wait until the next down turn – which I see just on the horizon, it will be too late. Be prepared by marketing in the good times and you will be far ahead and prepared for the coming down turn.

#3 The age group of your client base will be 50 and up and they are all on face book. Whether you believe it or not, as we all move to more and more technology so are the group that is aging, if only to keep up with the grand kids. Get in front of them, they are scrolling like crazy!

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I am a consummate creative. I have been a professional artist, designer, author and entrepreneur for 25 years. I am a problem solver, the challenges my life and work bring me along with my faith are what keep me moving in a positive direction.

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