Branding vs Selling

In the simplest terms, marketing is everything you do that spreads awareness about your services or products to prepare your clients for buying.

Sales traditionally includes all your customer contact activities that result in a signed contracts or orders.

Marketing activities include: Brand development

Thought leadership: articles, books, workshops, conference presentations, white papers, newsletters, blogs – all media where your expertise, opinions, and positions are expressed. This is where you are positioning strategically as an expert in your field or industry.

Marketing strategy Media and public relations Collateral materials: brochures, direct mail, websites Responding to RFPs with proposals and qualifications

How your firm answers the phone, what your office looks like, how satisfied your staff is with their work, what you give back to the community, etc. Customer loyalty expressed via word of mouth

Sales activities include: Identifying and qualifying leads

Direct contact with prospects that results in signed contracts

Client interviews/presentations once you’ve been short-listed Negotiations and closing

Managing your portfolio of current and past clients to maintain ongoing relationships

Directing your customer relationships so as to result in referrals for new work

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