I Love My Guys, But Y’all Suck at Marketing: Plumbers Guide to Online Marketing in the Digital Age- Episode 1

Welp if you found this little ditty you are in one of many places in your business or life. You either want more or less. You want more business or you want to scale your business so you are doing less and you have the growth behind you to hire and delegate tasks. Or maybe you want this thing you built to go to your kids. Or you want to build this thing in to something you can sell in the future. Or God forbid, you want it structured and producing so your wife can sell it if you die tomorrow on the job site.

What I have seen over the years in the construction industry is that sometimes you post a few things on a job site and constantly ask for work. Beggars cant be choosers. Stop begging for work. And then when it doesn’t work for you , y’all quit. “its not for me, I can’t keep up with it”. You have to do this, you have to be online if you are not retiring in the next couple of years.

I have done design, drafting plans and project management since 2011. I work onsite with all trades, contractors, subs, homeowners, real estate agents all to get to a final product the home owner loves. Virtually none of my subs or GC’s market themselves online. I think its a damn shame. They do nothing or if they do some its half ass.

This is a series of articles that will hopefully help you get things going on your own. If you’re not interested, then you know where to find me – we can handle it, its what we do.

Step One

Get your ass online, bro! What are doing? Everyone is on there. You need to reach your customers some how. This is how to do it. Kids of course, you want these knuckle heads because they are the future of your business. Gen X – 20 to 35 year olds, again they are your future and they are only online. 35- 50 These are our peeps. These people have homes, they own property, they are building, creating, improving. This is me. I am online all day everyday. I research everyone I hire. I don’t hire anyone I can’t find info on – PERIOD. 50 -65 yr olds are on Facebook like their life depends on it. It is the connection to family. Anyone older is on it as well. When was the last time you were delivered a phone book? How skinny was that shit? Because as businesses we all advertise on line. People find us online. Print is going away for business, its too expensive.

Tip for beginners – just get on Facebook. Just start posting there a few times a week. set reminders in your phone or on your calendar to take a picture of something on site, of a favorite product you use. Or give a shout out about your employees or your favorite customer.

Most importantly – keep it simple and post consistently. If you stop, so does the awareness of your existence. And you see the phone stop ringing, emails for appointments slow or stop, your calendar for the next 3 months is slow and then…. you call me – “hey Jen you got anything in the pipeline? ” If you’re a nice contractor I throw you a bone.

So to review: If your not online – you don’t exist. You struggle for good leads and beg for business.

Start with Facebook and if your brave go for it on Instagram as well. You can connect these accounts to post at the same time. Practice just taking images on the job site, add some of you in there so we get to know you better. That’s what social media is for, building relationships, awareness and trust in your brand. You are your brand. Simply get your ass on Facebook and post. If its not your thing, again – you know where to find us


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