what the heck are content pillars

content pillar is a substantive and informative piece of content such a s a well written blog post or article on a specific topic or theme that can be broken into many smaller sections, pieces, and materials. Examples of content pillars include eBooks, reports, and guides or articles.

Once you have this longer form of content you can then break it down to smaller forms of content and filter them out on to your many platforms which will all point back to your landing page page.

Easy peezy. It is the writing that becomes the hard part for most. Even after you have created you r strategy, come up with a great list for your content calendar, organized it all beautifully based around holidays, conferences, etc., even the seasons, you have to then fill in the blanks. You have to write something that will hold the attention of your readers, offering them great advice or help on your subject matter.

If you’re not a great writer, there are tons of professional writers on line you can contract to get the words put on the screen for you. We have used Upwork and verblio to fill gaps in our content calendars. The trick is to find writers who specialize in your industry. And you will need to work with them to be sure they are showing your voice through their words.

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