Karoshi – Death By Work

A Japanese term literally meaning overwork death. So meany people were dying from the stress of working so long and hard, they had to come up with a word for it. We have one as well. CDC recognized “burnout” as a medical diagnosis.

Over 8 years ago I started the design business. It has gone great. Maybe too great. I’ve been working on handling my own burnout. This book is a new take on how to be productive. It’s long the lines of the 4 hour work week. Its all about how we prioritize our days. My favorite phone setting is “Do Not Disturb”. I get a ton done when I’m not reacting to everyone else’s agenda.

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I am a consummate creative. I have been a professional artist, designer, author and entrepreneur for 25 years. I am a problem solver, the challenges my life and work bring me along with my faith are what keep me moving in a positive direction.

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